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There I Sense Something

There I Sense Something

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There I sense something  / Art Book  


Product designer Yumi Terauchi introduces her products, her works, and the background of traditional crafts with beautiful photographs by landscape photographer Yoshitaka Koshiya.

The book's title and the designer's name, "There l sense something Yumi Terauch," are discreetly stamped in white foil on the cover. Inspired by Japanese binding, the book is 3.5 cm thick (A4 size) and has a strong presence.
It has the appearance of an object.

There are no explanatory notes on the pages of the book of works. The technique of the craft, the place where the work was created, and the name of the work are written quietly in the corner of the page. The explanation is printed on the back of the obi of this book.

As you browse through the photographs, when you come across a landscape or work of art that catches your interest, open the strip around the book and read the "Commentary." After reading the "Commentary," you can look at the photos or open the book from any page. Sustainable graphic design that utilizes paper space.

The pocket-shaped pages are bound in a particular binding with the open part facing up. The binding is based on the Japanese custom of closing a formal wrapping or gift bag by turning it upward to "gather good fortune.

Every detail is meaningful. The design is lean and uncompromising and shows the commitment of a product designer.

Yumi Terauchi's desire to "create a book that is like a work of art, without words, where you can look at the photographs as if you were traveling" was the starting point for this collection of works.

Yumi and photographer Yoshitaka Koshigaya traveled more than 3,000 kilometers to take photographs, and the original pictures in this book invite you to pick up, touch, and feel the charm of handmade work.
From the preface of "There I sense something"
"When I can touch and know the essence of something through making, I feel a deep and indescribable emotion. Moved by this emotion, I continue to create works that I hope will continue to be beautiful in years to come, projecting a sense of what we need now. And while respecting traditions and customs, I place importance on capturing the essence - what is there - without being bound by them."

Yumi Terauchi, Product Designer

Planning: Yumi Terauchi
Project Editing: Masako Matsuura
Photo: Yoshitaka Koshiya
Book Design: Koji Miyazoe
English translation: Coco Masuda
Printing and bookbinding: Yahiro Bijutsu Co.

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