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People Object Dome 01 Two

People Object Dome 01 Two

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Takeyoshi Mitsui

Air-blown glass

Diameter 17.5 cm x H 17.5 cm


The artist's sensibility and experience are rooted in the instantaneous rhythm and feeling of air-blown glass, and he produces two series of individually handmade pieces, "PEOPLE" and "SILENCE."

"PEOPLE" - A soothing presence that stands quietly and gently watches over you. A bit surreal and humorous.
The series has a slightly surreal, humorous, and heartwarming nostalgic appearance. The face of the product changes with the light and shadow. Each organic form is rich in individuality. We are drawn to their gentle appearance when we look at them as if they are watching over us, overlapping with ourselves, our families, and our friends.

"SILENCE" - Delicately engraved glass takes on fantastic colors. The delicate polishing technique, silhouette, and surface colors create beautiful shadows. The smooth form of the surface and the soft expression of the shiny and matte glass generate an aura of beautiful colors like precious stones.


A Message from the Artist

"The (bottle) PEOPLE stand quietly, and I feel strangely relaxed while creating them. I want the viewer to feel this mysterious peacefulness. "SILENCE" is a collection of colorful pieces with monochrome tension.
From the various color combinations and patterns of shapes, I hope you find a precious piece that fits your hand and meets your color preferences."
Takeyoshi Mitsui


About the Artist

Born in Hiroshima, Japan in 1987.
Graduated from Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts, Department of Crafts and Design in 2010.
He has been an artist-in-residence in Australia.
He established his studio in Toyama in 2023 and is also one of the young glass artists gaining attention overseas. Silence Glass series won the U35 Prize in the 56th Japan Crafts Exhibition.



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