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As Free As a Bird

As Free As a Bird

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The sky seems to suck you in, and when you look at the sky, you see birds flying freely, and all sorts of things you thought were difficult become unimportant. Let's be more spontaneous and free!"


Misato Oghihara

Watercolor painting  2023

72.3 x 116.3 cm | framed: 82.5 x 126.5 cm

Frame: White Ash


About the Artist

She studied design at Tama Art University and worked as a background painter for operas and concerts. She is currently active as a painter and illustrator in various fields, such as books, advertisements, and packages. She lives in Tokyo and creates her works in her studio in Karuizawa and Yamanashi, surrounded by nature.


About the work

"I like to spend my mornings looking at nature, listening to my favorite music, and drinking coffee. It's a natural way of life, with my shoulders relaxed.

I have lived in many places, but I don't think my stance has changed. It is the same when I travel. I travel as I live and enjoy my time in a natural way.

When you put your trust, love, gaze at, and think deeply about something ordinary, that ordinary thing becomes universal. The work is born from drawing out the memories once locked away in the depths of the mind. Landscapes, objects, and people become more interesting to me.

I put the precious thoughts and feelings I have encountered and felt on a sheet of paper."


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