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Sumi Abstract PB-2

Sumi Abstract PB-2

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Haruna Mizoguchi

Sumi Abstract Drawing  2023

Sumi Ink on Washi paper

Panel Size: 35 × 35 cm

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About the Work

Neither white nor black, neither round nor triangular.
I am drawn to such uneasy beauty.

I see a pure white sheet of Japanese paper before my eyes.
I draw the feelings of the moment, the scenery I saw, the memories of the past, and how my hand moves.
I cherish the dialogue with the brush, ink, and Washi.

Moreover, I draw with the help of the beautiful power of the materials.

Washi has softness, thinness, delicacy, and strength, while Sumi ink has supple blotting, stickiness, transparency, and richness of shading.

What is that?
It is like a boldness and delicacy,
It is a great existence, like a living mystery
It is almost uncontrollable.

When I am drawing,
I am looking at a big river of Sumi ink that spreads its branches infinitely.

I hope the viewers enjoy the work as they freely expand their imaginations.

It is a scene I saw somewhere in the past,
at the moment with plants and trees
In the water

It is as if I am looking at something small on a micro level through a microscope or something endlessly significant on a macro level.

By having you think about each of these things in this way,

your daily life, space, and time will become more prosperous


About the Artist

Haruna Mizoguchi creates abstract drawings with sumi ink and washi paper.

2019 Gave herself a gago (calligrapher's name) "Teifuu."

2018 Studied calligraphy under Rikuu Watanabe Yoofuu of Shokai-Sha Foundation.

1998 Worked as a color textile designer at the Car Design Center at the Honda Technical Research Institute

1998 Graduated from Otsuka Textile Design College

1995 Graduated from Women's Junior College of Art and Design, Life Textile Division




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