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Profile 5

Profile 5

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Chisato Yasui

Ceramic Sculpture 

Pottery (earthenware), glaze (velvet underglaze, gosu, low-fire transparent glaze)

約 34.5 × 30 × 47 cm


about the work

The Profile series expresses the multifaceted meanings and possibilities of individual existence in the world through multifaceted abstract forms and the colors applied to each aspect of the forms.

I see myself as multifaceted, polysemic, and challenging to pinpoint, a complex composition of visible (I can be aware of) and invisible (I cannot be mindful of) elements.

What is the "structure" that somehow makes us human, even though we cannot fully grasp the complexity of who we are? This series of works was born from these thoughts.

This work, which shows various expressions depending on the angle from which it is viewed, maybe a kind of self-portrait (self-portrait) that depicts my inner self or my internal structure. The shapes and colors are not my reflection in the mirror, but rather the forms and colors captured as if I were digging and diving inside myself.

Each time a form appears in this series, I am surprised to think, "I didn't know there was such a side to me. In front of the completed work, I said, "Perhaps what has appeared here is not my work. Someone else may have drifted into my mind at some point and suddenly appeared. I sometimes feel such a thing.

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