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Breath 1

Breath 1

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Chisato Yasui


Watercolor paper and Acrylic gouache on paper

Framed size: 77.8 × 55.8 × 2.4cm


About the work

Breath series "Breath" has the meaning of "a breath" or "a sigh" as well as "a sign," "the drifting air," "a whisper, a quiet voice," and "life force. This work was born as if I scooped up a moment of such a flow with both palms as if I was capturing a moment of such a flow, as if the colors appear and shift blot and flow, and the scenery turns around and around as if they were metabolizing in a roundabout way. It's a dialogue between myself and the painter. It was something that suddenly appeared in this relationship. I let the paints' colors and expression remain there, as I felt, "Oh, how beautiful." I am sure the person standing before the work will see a different view beyond this stripe. I hope the viewer will look at it (as illuminated by their inner self) and listen carefully. It could be a chance to take a breath in your daily life. That breath could be a quiet dialogue with yourself that day, a source of energy for the next day, or a sign to look forward to. I hope that the breath of this work will be such a trigger for the viewer.

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