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Box Square Flow-3

Box Square Flow-3

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Takahiro Yahagi

Box Square Flow-3

Kaolin Clay

21 × 21 × 3.5 cm

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About the work

The artist, deeply rooted in his hometown of Yamagata Murayama, creates tableware and object-like works that reflect the beauty of his surroundings. His pieces express the magnificent seasonal nature, changing seasons, light, and shadow with shapes, textures, and colors of porcelain clay.

Each piece of porcelain clay is individually shaped by rocro or hand-twisting (tama-zukuri) and painted with black or silver on white porcelain. Each piece is expressive and tasteful. Chips, cracks, and distortions are all inevitable and natural forms of Yahagi's hands. The appearance is beautiful as if it is projecting the quiet flow of time.

About the Artist

Takahiro Yahagi, Ceramicist

Yahagi was born in Yamagata Prefecture in 1986. Inspired by studying ceramics in high school, he majored in ceramics at Tohoku University of Art & Design in 2025 and completed his graduate studies in 2011. Yahagi founded the atelier "245 STUDIO" in December 2014, and produces porcelain mainly for use as tableware and vases,

He produces and exhibits porcelain, mainly tableware and vases. In recent years, he has not limited himself to potter's wheel molding and has also been working with porcelain clay materials using various techniques, such as hand twisting, to create art object-like works.

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