Urban Nature 越谷喜隆 写真展 - Integrity

Yoshitaka Koshiya Photo Exhibition | Urban Nature - Integrity

April 26 - May 12, 2024
11:00 ~ 20:00, Last Day: ~ 18:00

Season of fresh greenery. Landscape photographer Yoshitaka Koshigaya's fifth solo exhibition.

Since 2019, we have exhibited Koshigaya's work in solo and group shows. While traveling, his works are born while interacting with nameless landscapes, scenes of lands he is drawn to, seas, lakes, clouds, and the rustling of trees.

The theme of this exhibition is “Urban Nature | Integrity". Amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life, the artist's photographic works evoke a profound sense of love for nature. The word 'Integrity' encapsulates 'sincerity,' 'honesty,' and 'sincerity,' symbolizing Koshigaya's deep respect for all things in the forest. His photographs mirror his mental landscape, reflecting his emotional connection with nature.

The photographs, which stand out for their delicate beauty of color tones, are all printed by Mr. Koshigaya himself. They are sublimed into picturesque works of art woven by his meticulous sense of beauty.

The theme of this exhibition is "Urban Nature | Integrity."

"If I were born again, I would like to be a gardener," says Koshigaya. We will exhibit several of his flower works. 

"Big White Chrysanthemum" was captured in 2022. This large white chrysanthemum, with its beautiful shades of light, symbolizes "a sincere heart." The artist's gentle gaze, captured in the photograph, invites you to share in his emotional journey.

We will also show his work, "Spirits Bay," which was exhibited at his first solo exhibition in New Zealand. His original prints are impressive with their beautiful, painterly tones. In the late 1990s, when he was swamped as a commercial photographer, he was fascinated by a landscape he saw in a magazine article. His fascination with "Spirits Bay" led him to visit the area, which became a turning point in his career as a landscape photographer.

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