TOKYO KODO Incense gallery  - Beyond Borders

TOKYO KODO Incense gallery - Beyond Borders

Dec 15, 2023 ~ Jan 7, 2024
11:00 ~ 20:00, Last Day: ~ 18:00


SMP Gallery collaborated with the renowned incense/aroma/interior brand, Tokyo Kodo, and the result is a unique exhibition, "Beyond Borders."

Our gallery space is intertwined with art and incense to create an Incense gallery for you to explore the selection of authentic and modern incense collections.

Beyond Borders
"The Smoke of incense serves to guide us to the eternal universe
where it is borderless and timeless,
even beyond your internal mind and soul."

Incense are available for purchase - perfect for holiday gifts - at the gallery and our online shop for delivery within Japan*.  (*We regret that incense can not be shipped abroad due to the postal regulation.)

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