Misato Ogihara 2024 「House in the forest」

Misato Ogihara: Solo Show - Letter

July 5 Fri - July 21 Sun, 2024
11:00 ~ 20:00, Last Day 11:00 ~ 18:00

In this rainy season, we are pleased to announce Ms. Misato Ogiwara's third solo exhibition after two years ago. 

The theme of the exhibition, which Ms. Ogihara sent to us in spring, was "Letter."

The accompanying message was:
The best thing I can do for my friend.
Maybe the best thing I can do for my friends is just to be their friend.

And she asks:
Have you written a letter to anyone lately?

Nowadays, it is commonplace to send e-mails from smartphones, and all kinds of digital information are available at the touch of a finger and in the palm of one's hand by surfing the Internet. In such an age, why don't we write a letter to our friends about the changing seasons, our daily life, memories of our travels, and what we feel?

I feel the amusement of life when I wait for a reply after putting a letter in the mailbox and when I open the letter I receive. I miss that nostalgic feeling.
 - Misato Ogihara

On the canvas, Ms. Ogiwara's mental images of her letters are gently painted stroke by stroke, color by color. We invite you to spend a peaceful time looking at Ogihara's watercolor paintings in our gallery space. They bring a sense of coolness during the rainy season.

The artwork ©️Misato Ogihara 2024 "House in the forest"
A fleeting encounter can last forever. How much time you have understanding each other may be more important than the time spent together.

The artist will be present on :
July 5, Friday, 11 am ~ 6 pm
July 6, Saturday, 11 am ~ 6 pm
July 7, Sunday, 1~6 pm
* We will inform any changes on SNS.

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